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The birthday child M / F Storegut released on Tinnoset today!

Today, the 65-year-old railway ferry M / F Storegut sailed from Mæl to Tinnoset to be certified and prepared for the summer season 2021. M / F «Storegut» was built in 1956 at Glommen Mek. Workshop and transported by rail to Tinnoset. There it was assembled and launched on 25 May 1956. The vessel was Northern Europe’s largest domestic railway ferry and very well equipped by the standards of the time.

“M / F Storegut was important for getting products into the world market and for society throughout the world,” says department manager Einar Gabrielsen at Rjukanbanen, NIA.

Slippen on Tinnoset is a protected cultural monument and like the entire Rjukan line, it is part of the Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage.

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate sets strict requirements for all vessels. If the ferries connected to the Rjukan line are to sail, with or without passengers, release is a condition for maintaining the necessary certificates.

The work to restore the slipway at Tinnoset has been going on for a number of years, following priorities from, among others, the National Heritage Board. It is a day of joy that M / F Storegut will now be released on Tinnoset where it will be for 3 weeks. All work is carried out according to cultural heritage protection professional principles and old methods.

On Monday 21 June, guests can board and experience rides with the popular railway ferry.

Tickets for Rjukanbanen’s ferry trips with M / F Storegut are on sale at www.nia.no and this summer you can take the whole family on a fantastic history trip through idyllic train and ferry trips in fantastic landscapes when the world heritage-listed Rjukanbanen kicks off the summer season .

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