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Season opening on the Rjukan line

Take the family on a time travel with the Rjukan line this summer! The Rjukan line opens on Saturday 19 June.

Welcome to travel and experiences in the world heritage by train and boat. Experience how the director traveled in luxurious surroundings in 1st grade, and how the worker had to travel on simple terms – here the class distinction is clear! The children who grew up with Norsk Hydro quickly learned the difference between where they belonged – tell me where you live, and I will say what kind of job you have, was often said in Rjukan. This also applies on board the Tinnsjø ferries.


From Saturday 19 June to 15 August, you can visit Mæl station with exciting activities and experiences for young and old.

Tickets for all Rjukanbanen’s experiences can be found here: Tickets


The ferries were the umbilical cord

The Tinnos line and the Rjukan line filled in the geographical gap between Vemork and the world, and the ferries across Tinnsjøen connected the two railway sections. In other words, the ferries were in the middle of nowhere – to transport one of Norway’s most important inventions, fertilizers, to the world. Think about it – that here in Telemark we were so important to the rest of the world!

New this year is that M / F Storegut starts its trips with guests from Monday 21 June. On board the railway ferry you can see impressive engine rooms, the departments of the crew and the officers and 1st class have been “fixed” and restored to their original 50’s decor.

Also take a tour of the Queen D / F Ammonia. She started her journey in 1929. Today – the largest surviving steam railway ferry in the world.

The Tinnsjø ferries D / F Ammonia and M / F Storegut are among the only ferries in the world that are inscribed on UNESCO’s prestigious world heritage list.


On historic train rides

On board the train you see majestic nature between Mæl and Rjukan station. On the train, skilled communicators talk about the establishment of the industry, challenges with railway operations while the water cascades down the mountain sides on the way to Mæl

Join a time travel this summer!


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