Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum

Pop Up Exhibition in the museum shop

Sales exhibition by David Thiérrée 21. – 30. September.

David Thiérrée (b. 1970) is a French artist and illustrator. Most of his works are made for metal bands designing cover art etc, but he also does book illustrations for the fantasy genre.

Thierrée is very inspired by Norwegian artist Th. Kittelsens trolls and mysterious universe. Through the drawings we are invited into the artist’s dark interpretation of the world of folk tales and Kittelsens illustrations.

The pop up-exhibition are free and open to the public in the museums shop from 21.09. – 30.09. in occasion of the concert “Motstrøms” in Myrens dam 29.09.2018.
Free entry to the museum Saturday September 29th. (Ordinary museum ticket: 100,- NOK)


The Art Museum is closed between 24th of September to 5th of October in preporation of a new art exhibit.

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