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Høner på bygdetunet.
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Hopping i høyet er gøy!
Foto: NIA

Welcome to Heddal Bygdetun

Every day during the public season, it is possible to get to know better about life on a large farm in Heddal in the 19th century together with the farmer and the big farmer, who show off both the farm and the farm square. In the yard you can greet the farm animals and take part in various activities. An overview of the activities can be found under What’s happening and on Heddal bygdetun’s facebook page.

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The buildings

All the buildings at Heddal bygdetun have been moved to the museum from the nearby district. The location of the houses gives a very good impression of what a prosperous farm might have looked like in this area about 200 years ago and how it stood out from a regular farmhouse. Rambergstugo, which is the main house in the yard, is listed. On the second floor you can see “uppstugo”, which the renowned rose painter Olav Hansson painted in 1784. On the village square you will also find the homestead Hola, which is open during the public season.

Heddal bygdetun is located approx. 200 meters from Heddal Stave Church. The church is 800 years old and is Norway’s largest stave church.

Rich cultural heritage

Heddal has a diverse and rich cultural heritage with both wood carving, rose painting, folk music and folk costumes. At Heddal bygdetun you can see an exhibition with some of the national costumes that the renowned national costume designer Anne Bamle (1884-1972) has developed. Anne Bamle was from Heddal and is known for having recreated and renewed what is called the East Telemark national costume.

Outside most of the houses in the village yard, information signs have been set up that visitors can enjoy while walking on their own, even outside opening hours. The storage cage has been returned to its original use as a food store, and is open to the public during the season.

We're currently closed.

Heddal Bygdetun is open during the summer season.

Opening hours summer 2021: 21 June – 8 August at 11 – 17.

Adult NOK 50
Children NOK 30
Family ticket NOK 150

Tickets can be purchased at the kiosk in the yard or online . Included in the entrance ticket is entrance to the houses, exhibitions, guided tours and a variety of activities.

An overview of the activities can be found under What is happening.

Heddal bygdetun
Heddalsvegen 385
3676 Notodden

Helge Anderson, museum manager Heddal Bygdetun,
Tel: +47 909 64 601.
Email: h.anderson@nia.no

Bjørn Strander, museum craftsman,
Tel: +47 402 14021
Email: b.strander@nia.no

Tore Widvey, museum craftsman,
Tel: +47 909 55 676
Email: t.widvey@nia.no

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Practical Information


Visitors can use the car park at Heddal Stave Church 100m from the museum. There are also a few parking spaces at the village yard. When presenting a disability certificate, you can use one of the disability parking spaces up in the yard.

For other health reasons, you can contact the museum by appointment.


The old houses at Heddal Bygdetun are not handicapped accessible.

The texts in the exhibitions are written in Norwegian and English.

Food and drink

Heddal Bygdetun has simple serving in the kiosk.

Accommodation at Notodden

We at NIA want you to stay a few days to experience what Telemark has to offer. We therefore add a link to some of the area’s accommodation options. Here you can choose as needed.

Have a nice stay!

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