Norsk industriarbeidermuseum

Guided tour of Vemork this summer

In 1911, the world’s largest hydropower plant opened on a steep mountain slope 550 meters above sea level. During World War II, heavy water production here was the target of dramatic sabotage operations. In 2017, the hunt for the heavy water cellar began under the ruins of the hydrogen factory, which was demolished in 1977. But why was heavy water produced right here? Why did they start building a power station on a roadless mountain farm in Telemark? And what are we doing on the front of the museum? Join the guided tour! We go through 110 years of exciting history both inside and out.

The tour starts with a demonstration of the mini power plant, which we run every half hour during the museum’s opening hours (12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30 and 17:30). The mini power plant takes approx. 15 minutes, is intended for children and is open to everyone.

When the mini power plant is finished, we move on to the guided tour. This is made for the adults (children can join, but we must be clear that we are addressing an adult audience). Because, among other things, we are going behind Vemork, where it is a bit long, it is limited how many people can join each trip. Max 25 pers. Registration at the reception

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