Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum
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The permanent collection

The exhibit shows selected works from the museums Art Collection like Th. Kittelsens Svelgfoss-series painted in 1907-1908.

The Art collection contains works both from the Norwegian art historical golden age and from the age of industry in Telemark. It provides an important and historically relevant cross-section of Norwegian social and political art. The collections also contain modern and contemporary art.


Theodor Kittelsen’ s Svelgfoss series are central works in our collection. The series consists of five watercolors and was painted by Kittelsen in 1907 and 1908. The works depict the development of the power plant Svælgfoss and were made on request by Sam Eyde – the first director of Hydro. The watercolors are on permanent displayed. You can read more about the Svelgfoss series here<



The Telemark Gallery has the administrative responsibility for all art and visual art in the museum collections. The art collection is composed of various collections and consists of works from the Norwegian Industrial Workers’ Museum’s collection, the Telemark Gallery collection (formerly the Telemark County Gallery), the Terje Bergstad collection and loans from Norsk Hydro’s art collection and AOF’s art collection.

Key artists in the collection are Christian Skredsvig, Henrik Sørensen, Reidar Aulie, Theodor Kittelsen, Mathias Faldbakken, Per Inge Bjørlo, Severin Segelcke, Arne Ekeland, Per Kleiva, Inger Sitter, Håkon Bleken, Terje Bergstad, artist group GRAS and others.