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Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum
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About the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum

In 1983, trade unions and local community leaders in Tinn joined forces to realise a common dream that resulted in the establishment of the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum Foundation. The purpose was to manage and disseminate Tinn’s unique history of hydropower, industrial and social development.

The work on building the museum was completed in 1988, and has since evolved into a mid-size museum that manages museums at six distinctive visitor sites. These museums disseminate local agricultural, industrial, wartime and art history, and receive almost 100,000 visitors annually. The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum Foundation comprises six visitor sites: Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, Vemork Power Plant, Tinn Museum, Heddal Open-air Museum, the Rjukan Line, Telemark Gallery and Lysbuen Industrial Museum.

Each visitor site has its own unique history, and local history plays an important role in all of them. The industrialisation of Rjukan and Notodden was a historical achievement, and in July 2015 the Rjukan–Notodden Industrial Heritage Site was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Norsk Industriarbeidemuseum fra lufta, flyfoto over museet.
Foto: Bjørn Harry Schønhaug

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