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18 million for the construction of the Heavy Water Basement at Vemork!

Big cheers in NIA who send a big thank you to the parties who have negotiated the revised national budget for 2021!

“This is news of inestimable importance for the project and the Norwegian Industrial Workers’ Museum”, say director Anna Hereid and Halvor Sælebakke who have the client responsibility for the Heavy Water Basement project on behalf of NIA.

The heavy water cellar at Vemork is a cultural monument of national and international importance, and is part of the protection of Vemork from 2015, in other words it was protected even before it was found and excavated in the industrial archeological excavation that took place at Vemork between 2017 and 2019. The project has created a broad political commitment both locally, regionally and nationally, among other things, Bård Hoksrud, FrP, stated this to Rjukan Arbeiderblad today: “Tungtvannskjelleren and all that it represents is such a central part of Norwegian history that we must be part of this to secure.”

The museum and security building over the ruin of Tungtvannskjelleren has a total budget of 78 mnok and with today’s good news, the project is almost fully financed. The museum building and the conservation building above the ruin of Tungtvannskjelleren have a total cost framework of NOK 76 million and construction started in full on 5 August in 2020 with the laying of the foundation stone by Minister of Culture Abid Raja.

“It has been and is a complicated task to plan to carry out the construction of a security and museum building on the steep slopes of Vemork and the budget has been adjusted on several occasions, which led to the board of NIA deciding on comprehensive loan financing to secure preservation of the ruin. That we have politicians in Norway who understand the importance of getting on the field and remedying the museum’s financial room for maneuver when one of the most legendary industrial buildings in the world is to be preserved is a great security and bodes well for the field and the museum’s further development “, says Anna Hereid.

We are now looking forward to being able to open the new museum building at Vemork in the spring and summer of 2022!

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